Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hemispheric Face-off

My left-brain and my right-brain have arguments all the time. Most of the time, left-brain wins. It's true. Left-brain is in charge of love-this's and want-that's. Right-brain is in charge of ought-to's and control-it's. Left-brain likes outrageous and abstract. Right-brain likes sensible and geometric. Left-brain is a slob. Right-brain is - well, usually right-brain is silent about that issue.

I framed some FABULOUS new prints this week, and both of my cerebral hemispheres agreed that we had to totally rework the studio's display wall in order to do them justice. That's when I realized it....

I am a Photo Hoarder.

Here's how the argument started.
Right-brain: "Take down all the pictures and start over. The new display is going to be measured exactly like this. We'll need tape, a tape-measure, a level, hammer and nails.  Here are the dimensions."
Left-brain: "ALL of them?"
Right-brain: "All."
Left-brain: "Okay. ... Where are we going to hang the ones that aren't in this display?"
Right-brain: "We're not."
Left-brain: "WHAT?"

It took two hours just to get started because my two cerebral hemispheres could not agree. RB eventually won. And afterwards, LB agreed, we done good.

But RB couldn't leave it alone. We admired our work for a little while, and then RB looked at another wall and felt dissatisfied. You know how it is when you get a new piece of furniture, and suddenly every other piece of furniture in the room, as well as the carpet and paint, looks like sh**? Well, that's how it was. At the mercy of my right-brain, I began taking down all the little framed photos on all the shelves in the studio. It's a work-space. There are lots of shelves. Everything got dusted, many frames got new, updated photos, and the shelves were re-organized.

Right-brain was happy because of all the balance and tidiness. Left-brain was lost in reverie the whole time, stopping to love every single image we touched. When we were done, all the shelves were again filled with beautiful images of the people I love the most in the whole wide world. 

Then we noticed the pile. There, in the middle of the floor, lay a pile - literally five feet in diameter - of photos and frames that were removed from the shelves and not replaced!

Left-brain had a conniption. How could this happen?!? We can't discard them. We absolutely hate the thought of putting them "away," which means out-of-sight.

And there you have it. I am having a hemispheric face-off. Neither side can agree what to do about the pile. So it will remain there, in the middle of the floor, until SOMEONE in this head of mine takes charge of the situation.  I'll keep you posted if things change.

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