Friday, June 22, 2012

Lisa In June

You met Lisa last October when I photographed her with her adorable little boy, and again when she started chemotherapy . Well, she has completed chemo and her hair is beginning to regrow, although she is a little disconcerted by the "cul-de-sac" on the top (lol! her words). Her eyebrows and eyelashes and the peach fuzz on her arms have all fallen out.

Lisa is a trooper. She's had some real challenges to cope with, beyond the obvious threat to her life. Her work let her go, so she has to figure out how to support herself and her son and take care of her medical needs without a job. It is rough! And she is tired. Very tired.

Now, she is about to begin some intensive radiation therapy. Daily doses. What do you call the feeling beyond "overwhelmed"? I can't comprehend it.

So, my goal for our photo session was to make her feel beautiful. I confess, that doesn't involve a whole lot of work on my part because Lisa is a stunning beauty. But I hope we created something that she can look at and be lifted up when she needs it. I think we did. {Hug}

Love you Lisa.

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