Monday, March 19, 2012


ISO 100 f4.5 1/250 sec (yellow post-it note on in-camera flash)
My dear husband has a cluster of pots on the dining room floor, just in front of the patio door. In those pots, he forced a bunch of tulips, and with the recent weeks of lovely, sunshiney weather, they have grown tall and now wistfully lean toward the light, wishing they could go outside.

The tulips are actually red. I like the way they look against the background of the redwood deck. But photographing them in natural light alone was difficult. I couldn't capture the detail of the petals without overexposing the background. And when I used my on-camera flash, it just created too harsh of a light.

What I needed was something to diffuse the light from the flash. And the only thing I had handy was a yellow post-it note.  So I stuck it in front of the flash and fired again. 

What a wonderful surprise! Not only did I get the nice, diffused light I wanted, the yellow paper gave me kind of a gel effect (I guess you'd call it that), giving both the tulip and the deck a warm, burnt orange hue.

My left-brain is absolutely delighted!

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