Sunday, January 1, 2012

Fresh Start

Fresh Start, originally uploaded by Rhonda Broich.
A fresh start includes a slight change of direction. I joined a weekly photo assignment group at I did so in the first hour of the first day of 2012. My sleep-deprived right-brain didn't thoroughly process the rules and just handed over to my A.D.D.-over-enthusiastic-jump-in-and-get-started left brain the concept of the assignment and went to sleep.

Upon rising, my left-brain grabbed my camera, shot and edited the image it had decided upon when it received the assignment a few hours earlier. And then it posted the resulting post-processed image to Flickr, very proud indeed of having completed a task.

It wasn't until my right-brain logged back into DPS and re-read the rules for participating that both hemispheres looked at each other and said, "shit".

The last rule listed reads, "You may not edit your posts." Wha?

The P52 group I joined last year had nothing but edited posts. Of course the host was also selling PS actions, templates and tutorials, but that was something I was interested in, and the world was a happy place.

Well, left-brain and right-brain are both going to get some work-outs this year, because in order to participate in the DPS P52 I have to learn even MORE about my camera, and work to shoot images for this project that are impactful, creative and excellent - SOOC! (That's "straight-out-of-camera".) And that requires a whole new mind-set.

Here's to a SOOC 2012.

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