Wednesday, February 9, 2011


JOL9of28, originally uploaded by Rhonda Broich.
The JOY of Love - Day 9
"passions and hobbies"
Subject: Steve's shop

Choosing what to shoot in my dear husband's woodworking shop (aka "the garage") is for me what it would be like for Steve to pick out and explain the function/value/beauty of stuff I keep in my studio. Can't be done. But that doesn't mean we can't appreciate the function/value/beauty of the products that are created in one another's work areas! Steve has discovered a new passion to pursue in his retirement years, and has a consistent stream of woodworking projects going at all times. Currently, he is working on a marble game for the grandchildren that will allow multiple players. We have a "vintage" marble game from my childhood that the grandchildren love to play with already, so I am really looking forward to seeing the fun they'll have with this more sophisticated version!

Canon 50D 85mm
ISO 100 f2.0 (l-r speeds 1/60, 1/30 and 1/50) Spot Metering with natural light through the open garage door.

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  1. Love your choice for today, your photos are great, and I like your layout, too! Awesome! I'm also joining in on the joy of love - it's so much fun! :)