Saturday, February 5, 2011


JOL5of28, originally uploaded by Rhonda Broich.
The JOY of Love - Day 5
"love to hate"
Subject: squirrels!

My dear husband and I are backyard birders. Sitting at the dining room table, or, in warmer weather, on the back deck, we enjoy watching and identifying all the birds that come to feast at the feeders we keep well supplied with birdie-sustenance. However, the red-tailed squirrel loves all that yummy munchiness too. And, while they have the "cuteness factor" going for them (reminiscent of those beloved Beatrice Potter stories about a certain little rabbit), which makes it hard to really hate-hate them, they do snarf all the bird food, and steal the nesting spots we create for our avian visitors. So we hate them. We LOVE to hate them. This picture is just one of the sneaky little terds - stealing, absconding, and preparing to bury the goods in my dear husband's vegetable garden, to be dug up AGAIN when the crops are planted, killing the seedlings or EATING the produce.
Canon 50D Sigma DG 500mm
ISO 400 f6.3 1/30 Evaluative Metering

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