Friday, February 4, 2011


JOL4of28, originally uploaded by Rhonda Broich.
The JOY of Love - Day 4
"What they wear"
Subject: Button

Button is a boy dog. My dear husband groans when I do this to him. But he's so cute! We let his hair grow long this winter to keep him warm. His standard look is shaved naked. NAKED. Shih Tzu owners worldwide are now shaking their heads in disapproval. Oh well. I love this breed because he doesn't shed and his temperament is so gentle! And he's very portable. But right now, he has to suffer the decidedly UN-masculine humiliation of wearing a topknot. With a bow. And that makes me happy :) XOXOX

Canon 50D 50mm
ISO 200 f1.8 1/25 Evaluative Metering
Button is seated on a barstool in the dining room with morning light coming through the sliding glass door, plus tungsten light from the chandelier.

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  1. Typo on the image. ISO setting is 200 not 2002. Oops.