Thursday, February 10, 2011


JOL10of28, originally uploaded by Rhonda Broich.
The JOY of Love - Day 10
"Space - where they are comfortable"
Subject: the greenhouse

Steve loves to grow things. He spends time in the greenhouse absolutely every single day between February and November. November is about when all the flowers and vegetables are "done" for the year. The greenhouse pots are emptied of all their soil, and stacked away. February is when he starts potting seeds for the new year's gardens. He carefully places each set of seeds in their tray, labels them, guards them from frost and keeps them moist. The time between November and February is a real hardship for him, as he waits for it to be time to start planting and growing and watering and pruning and weeding... all of it. He loves it!

Canon 50D 28mm
ISO 100 f1.8 1/13 captured just after sunset.

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