Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Birthiversiday!

Today is my step-daughter and son-in-law’s 4th wedding anniversary! AND it’s their firstborn son’s 1st birthday! Happy Birthiversiday, Nick and Leah and Jamison!
I remember this day 4 years ago. It was cold and snowy that day too. But that only made the beauty of what was happening indoors romantic-er. They were SO happy! I was just beginning to figure out how to operate my camera in Manual mode, learning what White Balance and Depth of Field meant. I took snapshots of the wedding rehearsal, but didn’t feel confident or presume any desire on anyone else’s part to bring it on the wedding day. I’ve learned a whole lot since then!
This time last year, Leah was FINALLY checked into the hospital to deliver her little man after days and days of painful pre-labor. It being Groundhog’s Day, there were jokes about naming him Phil, and “if he comes out and see’s his shadow, does that mean six more weeks of labor?". I was invited into the labor room to witness the delivery and chronicle the event. And then they came to me for newborn portraits a week later!
 Nick and Lean Family Portrait
And now, I have Jamison’s 1-Year-Old portraits in my collection. I’ve learned a lot about photography and portraiture. I thank my loving family for encouraging me so well, and for providing so many awesome occasions to practice my craft! XOXO

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